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Affair Recovery



Finding out that your partner has been unfaithful can be one of the most devastating discoveries one can have. A series of questions often follow this discovery:


How long has this been going on?

Who is the person?

How did they meet?

When did they find the time?


And, most importantly…

Is this the end of our relationship?


Working together after an affair can be challenging and overwhelming. The partner who cheated, struggling with feelings of shame and guilt, may be very reluctant to talk about the affair or appear offensive. This often leaves the injured partner stuck in a place of anger, unable to see past the hurt to have a conversation about repairing the relationship. 

This throws everyone into crisis. It shocks the relationship, leaving you feeling broken and hopeless. You may doubt whether the trust that has been damaged can ever be restored.

It can shatter your view of reality and leave you questioning everything about your history with your partner. 


It is challenging to function in a relationship with broken trust, always wondering if your partner is where they say they are, starting arguments over things like social media posts and locked phones. Difficulty communicating can make even the smallest conversations turn into a huge blowout, or worse, keep you and your partner from having those tough conversations for fear that it may not be well received.


Holding Hands

Recovery is possible with time, communication, and a willingness to rediscover each other. Healing IS POSSIBLE, and your relationship CAN SURVIVE infidelity.


Affair recovery helps you restore your marriage and rebuild trust through transparency and vulnerability. You and your partner will address and de-escalate the initial crisis. With our guidance, you will be able to discuss the affair and disclose information around what happened. This will involve establishing boundaries around future discussions.

We will then create a roadmap of the recovery process, help repair the trust and emotional connection, and address the marriage’s underlying issues that may have led to the affair.


Healing and recovery involve building something new and better.


With patience, honesty, care, and a willingness to move forward, you’ll take small steps toward a new stronger relationship.


Both partners often wish the relationship could go back to how it was before the affair when things were good, and the possibility of infidelity was the furthest thing from your minds. 

However, how it WAS is what led you to where you ARE, so the goal is to build something new… something better… something stronger.


With this healing comes the rebuilding of trust, confidence, and even love. Each person can make the relationship new and strong. And with a nonjudgmental attitude, we’ll guide you toward this new relationship.

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