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Individual Therapy


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You’re arguing with family and friends more than usual. There have been changes in your life… some expected, others unexpected. You don’t know how to cope. Even when you think you’re doing okay, the memory of a past mistake or situation makes you doubt yourself.


People often come to therapy when they are at a breaking point.

For some, it might look like losing a job or facing conflicts in friendships, family, or personal relationships. Or feeling overwhelmed with the many roles we play daily, for example, being a mom of two young kids, being a wife, running a business, and working a full-time job all at the same time. For most, it might simply be underlying unhappiness that just can’t be explained.


But people don’t just come to therapy when things are bad.

Being at the top of your game, on the edge of life-changing events, getting an engagement, finally getting that dream job, graduating from school, having a baby, or becoming a homeowner are all amazing events. But they can bring about increased anxiety and crippling fears of failure.


Sometimes getting what you want can be scary as hell.


But at the same time, it’s okay to pursue therapy without having a big “why”. Sometimes, people come to therapy knowing what their issues are and where they need help. Others come to therapy with no plans or preconceived notions, not really knowing the problems or even if therapy will help. No matter where you are on that spectrum, we will work together to figure out your journey.


When you’re anxious and fearful, you might find that you’re struggling to make decisions or move forward in your life. That critical voice in the back of your mind beats you up and makes you question every move you make.


You start wondering if you’re smart enough to do the job, if your life has meaning, if you’re on the right track, if you’re going to be successful… if it’s going to make you happy.


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We’ll challenge those thoughts that have you questioning whether you’re “enough” – whether you’re pretty or handsome enough… smart enough… good enough…


There are all kinds of thoughts that keep you from going after the things you want in life, be it the career of your dreams, your ideal partner, or something else.

We’ll find the path forward by overcoming the obstacles hindering your growth and happiness, like those limiting beliefs that often keep us stuck - challenging those thoughts that have you questioning, “Am I enough? Pretty or handsome enough? Smart enough? Good enough?” Thinking, “I probably don’t have enough experience for that position, so I shouldn’t even apply.” Or, “I’m always ending up with people who cheat on me. It must be because I don’t look good or have a nice body.” These are all the kinds of thoughts that keep you from going after the things you want in life, be it the career of your dreams or the ideal partner. Or worst, when you do land that dream job or meet the man or woman of your dreams, you sabotage it because you didn’t think you were worthy.


Together, we’ll build your confidence to succeed. We’ll change those negative, self-deprecating thoughts to positive self-affirming ones, turning self-doubt into self-assurance. You’ll gain the confidence to take opportunities such as jobs, dates with potential partners, and other amazing prospects. You’ll also learn how to make the tough decisions to walk away from the things that are no longer serving you, such as toxic relationships, whether they are friendships, family, intimacy, or even a job or career that is no longer fulfilling.

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